Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Ice Storm - Day 2

Tuesday - the day I take the Sisters grocery shopping. We always go out for lunch. It's our tradition!! (Actually Sister Lemmon calls it "our party"!)

I check outside to see just how bad it is. The streets are wet but not at all icy. Lots of traffic going past the house. The bushes and grass is glazed and really quite beautiful. Mr. Bear and I hop in the car, camera in hand, to check things out and to take a few photos. Amazingly pretty!! Ice is accumulating on things but the roads are in great shape. When we get home I start putting the pictures on the computer. Flicker go the lights, off goes the computer. In a matter of seconds everything is going again and I start the computer and go back to my photo task. Flicker go the lights, off goes the computer. Once again it's only a matter of seconds before we're back in business. Once again, flicker, off, and then this strange sound - like a toy when it runs out of wind-up. Furnace is off, fridge is silent, tv is quiet, and things are just a little darker inside. "Hmmmmmm, I should have showered, now my blow drier won't work!" Silly me.
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