Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ice Storm - Day 3 - My poor car!!

This car has gas, well 1/4 tank and that's better than the other one which is empty. This car however cannot be opened. The ice is nearly 1/2 inch thick. My brother wisely suggested I use a hair dryer to thaw the ice (no power Merrill). I can't figure out how holding a powerless hair dryer near the car will do one bit of good so I don't even try it. By afternoon the sun has broken through and the passenger side of the car has shed its icy coat. Elder Garff opens that side and starts up the car, we'll warm it from the inside out!! It works and he heads off to the gas station to fill this car. He discovers that the closest station has emergency power so that emergency vehicles can also fill up there. He and Sister Garff stop at Arby's and pick up dinner for us all. Delicious. Things are looking up!!
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