Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ice Storm - Day 2 - Night Falls

Okay, things are definitely getting worse. The drive back to the Sister's apartment, we took another route to avoid Lakeview, is still pretty hazardous. Lots more tree limbs down and falling. Actually pretty hard to get down some of the streets. And the temperature is dropping, the prediction is for really cold temps tomorrow. The sisters make it up to their apartment and then report to me that their power is still off. I suggest that they might want to come back to my house, no telling how long the power will be out. They are brave though and assure me that they will be "just fine!" As I start to drive away I have the very strong feeling that I should indeed take them home. So I go right over their heads and call Pres. Seal, the mission president. He is in total agreement that they should go with me, so I call them back and tell them to grab a few things we're going back to my house to spend the night. And interestingly they are really glad that I called back, seems that they were actually about to call me for the same reason.

Now on the ride home I start thinking about another problem. The gas light on the car is on and the tank is at the E mark. I pass several gas stations, each has a rather long lines of cars and the prices seem to be too high, I'm sure I can find it cheaper, so I continue on my merry way assuming that the stations nearer my house will be best. OH NO, White Oak Station is closed. OH NO, the station on the corner is closed. OH NO, the one down the street is closed. At this point we just head for home.

We light candles, turn on my little lanterns, and fire up the few briquettes I have. While I am cooking dinner on the grill I am constantly hearing the sharp "CRACK" and crash of limbs falling. Some are so close that we run to the front door to look, and right across the street the trees that tower over the two-story house are cracking and falling to the ground. Right next door, limbs are littering the yard and totally blocking their front door. At this point this sound has changed from awesome to terrible and terribly sad! Throughout the evening we continue to hear the "CRACK"/crash. It's awful.

The gas fireplace makes the house cozy inside. I heat up water on the grill and we drink hot cocoa and play "Cheese and Crackers." It's so dark. At 7 pm I'm ready to just climb into bed. Still no power. Not a light along the street. I'm wondering how the ward members are doing. My cell phone is about to die and I don't want to charge it in the gasless car. We last until about 10, the Sisters make beds on the couches and I fill up an air mattress so I can sleep comfortably in the living room too. We read scriptures, have a prayer, say our own prayers, and fall asleep.

I'm wishing I could take a nice warm shower. Should have done it earlier!!

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