Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ice Storm - Day 2 Continued

I call the Sisters. "Let's head out. This storm might get worse and I'd hate for you to be without any food." At the store I start to notice that the stock seems to be a little low. Obviously the grocery run had happened the day before. Not a D battery to be found. No charcoal briquettes (my grill is my alternative cooking source). Well, I'll just have to make do!!

We stop at Taco Bell for lunch. On our way back to the Sister's apartment they let me know that they can't do any work today (by the way, at this point we have learned that the U of A is closed, many stores are closed, the government buildings are closed, AND they are starting to cancel basketball games, this is getting serious!!) so could they do anything to help me? Thinking quickly I say, "Yes, I want to move some furniture and if you're sure it's okay I'd love to have some help." We start to notice that the trees are bending down and branches are hanging pretty low under the weight of the quickly accumulating ice. While I'm waiting at their apartment I start to hear the loud crack and crash of branches snapping off and falling to the ground. Let me tell you, that's an awesome sound, at least I thought so then. A huge pine by their apartment has lost its top and it's bending way over.

As we drive to my house the fun (????) really begins. Along Lakeview, a street lined with huge trees - many overhanging the road, we start to see branches - no let's make that limbs - falling. One whole huge tree has fallen and is part way into the road. In some places it is now a one lane road. At one point we're stopped under the deeply drooping branches of a huge tree waiting for oncoming traffic to get past, still seeing and hearing branches falling in front and behind us. Okay, this is getting really frightening, I don't like it one little bit. I don't want to die in my car crushed by an ice laden tree!! Luckily we make it home without incident.

It's cold inside, okay not really but my idea of cold is where I've started to take sides with the Arkansans, and I think 65 is pretty nippy. Luckily I've got a gas fireplace and it quickly begins to heat up the house. We laugh and move furniture. I locate lanterns and candles and flashlights. And then it's time to take them back to their apartment.
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