Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ice Storm - Day 3 - the Beauty in the Storm

Throughout the day as the sun is coming out there are moments when the ice looks like a million diamonds. The trees glisten! They sparkle! I grab my camera and rush outside to try to capture the beauty.

That sun is tricky. As soon as I get outside, it ducks behind a cloud and the beauty has vanished. I play the go in and go out game. I'm not very satisfied with my pictures. I just can't capture the incredible beauty but I try my best.

As the sun is shining we start hearing the dripping of melting ice. Along with continual cracking and crashing. I think maybe some of the branches were glued up there and as the ice melts they continue to fall. So along with the beauty there is still the awful sound of destruction.

Still no power so the Sisters decide to stay the night again. But another miracle is about to occur, just around the time the Garff's come back with Arby's the lights go on, the furnace starts up, the fridge starts to hum and the tv, well - it doesn't come back. Something about trying to find a signal. Oh well, we're okay without it.

We play Cheese and Crackers again and again and again and then the Garffs decide to head back to their apartment to sleep there. (I find out later that they didn't have power, and yes it was another freezing night for them.) We snuggle down in beds in the bedrooms, which I had up to this point kept closed off to keep the heat in the middle of the house. Life is good!!
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