Thursday, February 12, 2009

Before and After

We sat outside and watched this little tree. The ice got heavier and thicker and we started to hear the fearful cracking sounds as though the branches were going to snap right off. And then this little tree started to lean, farther and farther. We thought we might even be able to video it as it fell to the ground. After a while we went inside, although nothing had happened I was sure the by morning it would be laying flat on the ground. It was sad, sad, sad!! By the next day the sun had come out and the ice had started to melt and drip. And the day after that whole chunks of ice were just dropping to the ground. The little branches seemed to shake themselves off and lift themselves up to the sky and the sun. And it wasn't leaning anymore at all, it was standing upright just the way it had been before the ice storm attacked it. And now just two weeks later this little tree is in bloom. And with those blooms comes the hope that spring brings. What a great little tree!!
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