Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving with the boys

After spending time in Branson we headed back to Arkansas. After a sumptuous Thanksgiving feast, although it was on Saturday not Thursday we headed out to see "The Lights on the Square." Second year in a row, I guess this is a tradition. They were beautiful and the weather wasn't too bad as you can tell. How about that Razorback done up in Christmas lights!! And sitting on a stone wall can be pretty cold. Check out the photo with Marc, Sean, and Eden and then guess who is feeling it the most. The darkest picture is a little hard to see but it's Marc sliding on the sidewalk. There was just a light mist and it was slick enough for him to slide nearly half the length of the block.

Beautiful way to end Thanksgiving!!
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Anne said...

It looks like you had a really great time together, yea for Thanksgiving!

I also love the picture tricks you can now do in your posts. You'll have to teach me some time.

christopher said...

Go hogs!!! THis is making me miss you guys. Looked like I totally missed out:(