Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Boston Visit - 1st Installment

We had a great time in Boston!! As you probably know I love visiting cemeteries and there were two very close to our hotel. It is so interesting to see death dates all the way back to the mid 1700s. The first cemetery is the Granary Burial Ground. Lots of headstones and very close together. I wondered if the people below liked being so close to their neighbors! Notice also the podium, rather convenient for preaching a funeral sermon. This cemetery was especially interesting because it is the burial place of John Lathrop who is one of our rather notable ancestors. There are many famous people who are also descendents of John Lathrop, including Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, George and Mitt Romney, and Joseph Smith. I looked a little for his headstone but I could have spent days reading each one trying to find him so I gave up. His name is the last one on the brass placque on the main gate.

As you can read on this monument, John Hancock is one of the notable people buried here.
As well as the Franklin family, Benjamin, his wife, some of his children and his parents.
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