Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So, I've been sitting here for way too long, I won't even say that it's been at least 2 hours, trying to make a great collage for Christmas cards this year. First I selected the photos I wanted, made a collage and they were in a weird order. Start over (because I can't figure out how to change this even after reading about how to change this!!). Select the photos, make the collage, still in a weird order and I discover that unfortunately I've left someone out. Start over. Find a photo of the missing person. Spend a lot of time adding and deleting to make sure they are in just right the order. Whooppee, SUCCESS! Now I want to order the photos for my Christmas cards. Go to the site of my choice, get all the way to order my prints only to discover that they have cut off both sides in order to make them photo size. I try enlarging to 5 x 7s and then 8 x 10s (as if anyone wants our family photo in that size!) but it doesn't work. So I just try to print a copy thinking that I can do a cute letter and include a color copy, same problem, faces are cut in half. FRUSTRATION IS GROWING, GROWING, GROWING. I decide to try another site for prints, maybe someone local can print just one little picture and I can go in and pick it up to check. And then I discover a million other photos that have somehow ended up in my cart. Delete, delete, delete, this is taking way too long, goodbye other site. Try another site. Well, well, well, this one seems to be working. Yes, just one image, yes, it looks right, yes let me go to order my prints. NONONONONONONONONO - half faces again. HELP - I'm going for a walk with the viscious little dog in the photo only he's happy and it's my teeth that are showing and that growl you hear, yep, it's coming from me!!
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