Monday, December 29, 2008

Some surprises aren't really all that surprising!!

Jere and I had a very interesting courtship to say the least. We got engaged in December of 1971. Shortly after he left for the Phillipines with the Marine Corps. Although we had planned to get married immediately when he got home, 13 months later, by February of '72 the plan had changed and the wedding date was no longer certain. At that point I decided that I should start dating again and ended the engagement. When he returned from his duty in the Phillipines we resumed dating and after a while got engaged again. This engagement lasted for several months until Jere announced to me that he was going to buy a motorcycle and ride across the country. Tearfully the engagement was again broken off. One evening I went with my family home evening brother up to campus to study, just as friends and just to study. I guess it didn't look like that to Jere though because he was waiting for me when I got back to my apartment and shortly after that we were engaged again. I remember calling my parents to tell them it was on again and being surprised that they were rather ho hum about it. Kind of, "Right, let us know when you are really serious." Well, this time we were and married on May 1, 1974.

Fast forward: Chris asked Morgan Frazer to go to the annual 4th of July Mormon Choral concert. They dated during the summer and then went their separate ways. Periodically they would reconnect and then again part ways. So when Chris told us he was dating Morgan this fall we were rather ho hum about it. Chris tried to prepare me first when he told me that things were going really well with Morgan. Oh sure I thought. And then when he added that he thought he would ask her to marry him, you go boy I thought!! So when I found out that he had actually asked her I was just a little surprised. I guess I just didn't believe that he would really follow through this time. Well, follow through he did and now we are excitedly anticipating a March 21, 2009 wedding in the Salt Lake Temple. Someone told me once, "you know, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!" Go figure!!


christopher said...

Hey mom, I love you and dad's story and I'm happy to say that we followed in your footsteps. You two are such great examples:)

Jeremy & Meredith said...

Sis. Clune!
Your story is adorable! That is pretty funny! You and Bishop share the same anniversary day :)