Sunday, December 28, 2008

Boston Harbor

I made a list of everything I wanted to see and do while we were in Boston. And by the end of the trip I was able to check everything off the list. Some of the things though were by surprise or accident. I had given up on Mike's Bakery but then we were walking the Freedom Trail and there was Mike's Bakery, right on our way. Delicious surprise I might add. The final unaccomplished item on my list was Boston Harbor and I had given up on that since we had to leave on Saturday night and it appeared that we just wouldn't have enough time. Oh well, I thought. We spent the day on Saturday walking the Freedom Trail, visiting historical sites, and finally eating pizza at a hole in the wall that Jere frequents whenever he is there. (I might add that the wait staff consisted of little old men, probably friends of the owner, looking like they had gotten up from watching tv in their shorts and t shirts and had just headed right off to work. I noticed one of them polishing the silverware with his t shirt before putting it on a table, and my water tasted faintly like rootbeer, maybe, probably the glass wasn't clean in the first place!!)

After dinner we headed to the airport, in plenty of time I might add. We turned in the rental car and rode the bus to the terminal. Funny thing, neither of our tickets seemed to be working. And when the ticket agent checked them she informed us that we had missed the flight by several, three, hours. She was very kind, booked us on a flight the next morning, got us a distressed rate at the airport Hilton, and sent us on our way. The Hilton was beautiful and can you believe it, overlooked Boston Harbor. In fact our room had windows that looked right out on the harbor. So I took night pictures. When we got up the next morning fog had blanketed the city. We watched it settle and then lift and then settle and then lift, absolutely beautiful!! I did think about the Boston Tea Party and imagined what the environmentalists would say and do if it were to occur today!!

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christopher said...

I just bought a plane ticket to NY mom. My first trip to the east coast. Your boston photos get me really excited for the big city and where the US all began.