Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My red and brown shoes

The problem is choosing just one! When I was visiting Adrianne in San Diego we ended up in Nordstrom (or maybe Macys and I'm just trying to impress someone by saying Nordstrom) and there right before our eyes was the shoe department. I wanted some red shoes so I quickly checked through the shoe displays and there they were, unbelievably cute red shoes. They were ballet slipper style, patent leather with a darling big buckle right on the toe. Both Adrianne and I loved them. Time was tight but we each tried on a pair and they were comfortable and perfect - except they were $120. Well, I was on vacation! So I thought what the heck? I was ready, I know it sounds nuts, but absolutely ready to plunk down my credit card for a pair for me and a pair for Adrianne. That's two, count them, two pairs of shoes for a grand total of $240. I believe I may have been wearing my $1 black flip flops with the flower on the toe at the time. Between the tightness of time - meaning no time to throw caution to the wind, that probably sounds strange - and I guess a little common sense we walked out of the store without the shoes in hand!

Did I mention that the sales guy actually said, "These are THE shoes to have this fall in San Diego County. Really everyone will be wearing a pair of these shoes!"

Well, they don't carry that brand here in Northwest Arkansas. But I've continued my occasional looking for red shoes the equal of those. And finally I found some that I really liked and the best news is that they were no $120 pair of shoes. But by now I needed a pair of brown shoes too. And although it seems a little too strange I bought two pairs that are exactly the same, one brown and one red. And today I wore the red ones and two people made admiring comments about my shoes. SCORE!! Next test, the brown ones!!


Raike said...
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Karlene said...

Cute RED shoes!! I want a pair!