Sunday, November 16, 2008


10 Memories of Sundays past:

1. Walking to Church - it was so close

2. Wanting to be a "door keeper" in Sunday School

3. Fabulous dinners with homemade rolls - mmmmmmmm. And the incredible smell in the house!!

4. Having the same dress, different color as one of my best friends

5. Playing the piano before going to church while the sun was streaming in through the front door

6. Watching the big boys, Deacons, pass the sacrament. I must have been really young!!

7. Making babies and a cradle out of my mom's "hankie"

8. Going to Sacrament meeting in the evening. The windows were open to allow the evening breeze to cool the chapel and we could hear the night sounds from outside. Lovely!!

9. The day the organist marched, MARCHED, down to the row where her noisy daughter was sitting, grabbing her by the ear, and marched, MARCHED, her back up to sit in the choir seats.

10. And weirdly, after walking home from Church sitting with my feet, which had developed blisters which had broken and then bled, in a sink full of cool water. I could not get my socks off until I had done this. I don't remember any pain though, just annoying!

10 Things I love about Sunday:

1. A day of rest, I don't have to go to the store or do yard work or do laundry or do anything work related! And I don't have to feel guilty because it is a commandment!

2. Spiritual rejuvination, so needed!!

3. Being with friends and sometimes even family - lovely!!

4. A fabulous dinner and since I love to cook I never mind fixing it!

5. Singing hymns except when the organist plays them tooooooooo slow.

6. The quiet and solitude - it wasn't always this way though. Little children have a way of changing quiet and solitude and teenagers are even more proficient at it!

7. The weather almost always seems to be beautiful.

8. Thinking about things that are most important.

9. The opportunity to help others.

10. Phone calls to family, catching up.
Disclaimer: The photo is of the Salt Lake Temple.

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