Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I absolutely love being with my granddaughters. We play blocks, and play buy, and have treats, and take bike walks, and go to the park, and, and, and. But once in a while we find something new that is fun/funny. Well, we were in WalMart and there they were - HULIE HOOPS (that's what the girls called them). We just had to give them a try and I have never seen such hip action as they were able to use trying to make those silly hulie hoops go around. We laughed so hard. I just had to buy them so we could continue to practice at home. After a few complaints that "This is too hard!" and "I can't do this!" both Kate and Brooke got the hang of it and were really good at it. Campbell got into the act as well but just didn't use a hulie hoop. MMMMMMM - I miss my girls!!

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