Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Visiting Grandma

We were able to spend Mother's day with Grandma this year. I am glad that we were there. It was a quiet day, but a pleasant day.

Mom likes to open her back door and sit in the sunshine. It warms her body and makes her feel happy. She will sit there for a long time just enjoying the warmth and the light.

I love the way the sun lights up her face.

The second photo haunts me. She was actually dozing but as I look at it she looks as though she is deep in thought. Sometimes I think she is remembering better days, other times I wonder if she is somehow in communication with Grandpa. I wonder how much time she sits waiting to enter a better world. I know she prays while she is sitting there, prays for all of us and for her friends and neighbors and for herself too I think.
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