Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My beautiful girls

I am sure that there aren't any cuter more beautiful girls in the world than my Glauser girls!! I love spending time with them. Each morning Kate and Brooke come into my room and snuggle in bed with Grandpa and I. The snuggling doesn't last long because they always want to start playing with the bags of blocks in the closet. We build towers and roads and make houses and just have a great time. Campbell isn't able to participate in the fun yet but one day she will be big enough!

We spent time doing a lot of fun things. We played on the trampoline. Kate can do flips! Campbell just lays there and is bounced until a kindly Grandma or mom moves her to safety. We take bike walks around the neighborhood and sometimes to the school where we can play on their play equipment. Kate was collecting bugs for school and found a bonus of caterpillars, she had about 7 at one point. We went to a park where we played hide and seek. The girls love to swing and their feet go so high they are higher than the tree tops. Kate worked and worked on being able to go all the way across on the rings. At first she could only go about three rings and then she would drop to the ground. But she worked and worked and finally was able to swing herself from ring to ring all the way from the beginning to the end. Brooke cracks us up with the funny things she says and her extremely expressive face. We watched "A Hundred and Dalmations" (no typo, that's what Brooke called it) and had a party in the family room, all the adults fell asleep but the girls made it all the way through the movie - for about the fourth or fifth time!

Leaving is the saddest thing in the world. We miss our girls!!
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