Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Aunt Candy and Uncle Bruce

Last stop was Willets, CA to visit with Aunt Candy and Uncle Bruce. It's beautiful there as you can see. The bottom right picture is the view from their deck, like living in the forest!

Candy gave us a tour of where she works, hospice care. A very nice facility. We spent a little time around downtown Willets too. Had a great dinner and fun visiting.

Interesting to hear the probably unforseen problems that have been caused by the legalization of medical marijuana. Someone even had been growing plants on Bruce and Candy's property unbeknownest to them until they hired someone to cut back plant growth on their 3 acre lot and they discovered where the plants had formerly been and the very expensive tools left behind when the plants were suddenly moved. Bruce also told us about the people who come to him wanting prescriptions for marijuana. He told us about the unemployed people who get government money for their kid's education and other things who are really making upwards of $250,000 yearly on their marijuana plants but don't pay income taxes! The county is currently trying to get the situation under control. And it was weird to see real hippies but they are old now, like a strange time warp back to the 60s but with old people. Oh, also armed robbers stealing plants from gardens.

It was great to see Candy and Bruce. They have a beautiful home. The biggest surprise was after dinner when Aunt Candy got up and turned on the tv to watch American Idol. Just the show we had been wanting to see!
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