Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bon Voyage!

Kelly and I are about to take a cab to O'Hare to head off to Cozumel, Mexico for spring break. I love you all and I will take some pictures so I can show you guys the sights when I get back.  I will be in Minneapolis on Friday night for a lay-over. Unfortunately I don't think we will have time to visit anywhere or anyone. Big bummer! I haven't been back since we moved to Chicago. Oh well.  I just finished a long week of midterms and work which included a marathon of homework, reading, and take home essays where I slept for 9 out of 72 hours. Boy oh boy was I loopy! (and still am!) due to the sleep depravation. I will post when I get home, or if there is a computer handy in Cozumel. The plan is to binge eat tropical fruit and seafood, snorkel a lot, and see the ruins. It is supposed to rain almost the home time, but whatever. It is no Chicago winter.   

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