Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Love Abound

YO! Marc Here!
Hello to all that see this blog! I just woke up a bit late due to the fact that we had a snow day, funny enough it only required a mere 1 inch of snow and a minnesotan-ly spring 30 degrees..pfff. I however cannot complain as it makes up for all the days I(any Minnesotan) trudged through 20 inches of snow to get to school, oh yea..uphill and with no shoes on of course! Recently things have been going well, withdrawals from all my medications I believe are over with and I can now eat solid foods, very slowly.. I did gain a whopping 10 lbs. over the course of a week which I will work on removing asap. Other than that I have been spending alot of time shooting photos with our new digital camera which is awesome! These are a few of the wonderous shots of Fayetteville AR. , a place I am really beginning to love! Its a boy scouts paradise out here! Plenty of rocks, trees, moutainous bluffs to climb as well as lakes and trails to explore. I Have also become a usual at the Waffle House, they know I always take a water WITH lemon upon arrival..its kind of like Cheers..Anyhow, besides the Waffle House I am trying to eat healthy and live healthy, I trully am loving it as well! From Spinach smoothies to drinking Apple Cider Vinegar straight(organic of course!). Be cheerful and Remember Marc Loves all of you!

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Anne said...

Marcle sparkle, great photos! I'm impressed with your work and laughing along with your writing. It's good to hear from you. It sounds like you really like AR, that's great!

For those of us (lame-o's some would say) who don't have facebook or myspace profiles, when are you going to introduce us to Audrey?

I vote Audrey Intro post next! I mean I don't even know if she's a Libra or Scorpio!!