Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday Night

Sunday night has taken on a new feel for me. Dad gets home from his meetings, eats dinner, and then goes to sleep where ever he lands and we don't see him until morning. I know that doesn't sound much different than the way dad has always been but he really is much more tired now on Sunday nights. Marc always heads out to spend time with the University Ward group. And so Bear and I are here spending quality time together, except Bear had a bone tonight and he smells bad so I don't like sitting by him. Actually he is on my lap so he is really close.

Last week we had Stake Conference and is was so good. Elder Coleman was here and talked a lot about the family and making it strong. Really good. The week before they divided our former ward, Springdale, and created a new ward, Har-Ber Ward. Today they turned Fayetteville 1 and 2 Wards into three wards, the new ward is the Prarie Grove Ward. It's so exciting to see the Church growing so quickly. Just about a year ago the stake was divided and at Stake Conference the building was packed back to and on the stage. There is a feeling of excitement that I just can't even begin to explain. Rumor has it a new building is in the works for the near future. Our new Stake Center hasn't even been dedicated yet, it's only a couple of weeks old.

After threatening to smash my 35mm camera too many times to count I finally went to my friend Dan at Collier Drug and pleaded for help. He sold me a used 35mm camera - a Canon Rebel - and bought my old piece of junk. The new camera is such a delight to use that I was laughing with glee as I quickly snapped 36 pictures. And the best news is that when I developed the film there were actually 36 pictures on it. Marc and I had wasted 5 rolls of film with the other camera and nary a picture on any of them.

I had the flu last week. Yuck. Don't do it!!

I just found out that Capital One Credit cards are bad news. Don't get one. On your credit report they list the credit limit as $0 and then if you make a charge and don't pay it off in full you have gone over your credit limit and down goes your credit rating. BAD BAD BAD!!!

Spring is in the air here. The weather is slowly warming up and the leaves are popping out. I've even seen daffodils and some of the flowering trees are beginning to bloom. Hooray!! Wish you could all be here with us. It's really beautiful this time of year.

Well, I love you all so much. Have a great week!!

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