Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tomato Bisque please!

Yesterday was a momentous day for Marc - he had his wisdom teeth extracted (don't you love that word). Everything went very well, it only took an hour and no complications.

I waited in the office for him and when they wheeled him, in a wheelchair, out to the car he was unusually happy and smiley. Something to do with "tucky-bye juice" I believe. He said he was starving. I had been counseled to only let him eat soft foods so we started talking about soup. I had planned to make potato cheese soup and asked him how that sounded. He said, "I was thinking of Tomato Bisque!" Have we ever eaten Tomato Bisque?

He's doing well. Stayed in for most of the evening but did have a friend over to sit with him - Audrey.

By the way I now have a great and easy recipe for Tomato Bisque.


Anne said...

Poor Marc-o. Glad it all went well even though that's not fun. The girls say they hope Uncle Sparkles feels better.

Does Audrey know your Uncle name? You may want to explain that some time.

It would make a great stage name :)

mattbikes1 said...

I used to make tomato bisque when I lived in St. Paul when I worked at The Green Mill. I made it for the family once in '99-00 I'd say. I wonder if it was an old memory or a subconscious thing because I talked to Marc the night before he got his teeth pulled. Funny Story never the less.