Sunday, May 25, 2008

Scarey Times in San Francisco

It seems that we often have weird experiences when we are visiting a city and our recent visit to San Francisco was no exception. Dad had just parked the car and was putting money in the meter when a man holding branches in front of his face quietly walked up behind him and stood very close to him, branches covering him. Dad wasn't aware that the man was so close but I was and my first thought was that he was about to pick dad's pocket. I stepped forward so I could look behind dad and see exactly what the man was doing. As it turned out he was just standing there holding these leafy branches with both hands directly in front of his face. Weird I thought! So I told dad that someone was waiting to surprise him, dad turned around and the man said, "You can always count on the wife to spoil things!" He walked off and we laughed about how strange that was.

A little later we were walking near the wharf and noticed that the customers of an outdoor cafe were all looking across the street and laughing uproariously. We stopped to see what was so funny and there he was, the man with the branches. He was squatted down by a garbage can branches covering him and would occaisonally move the branches away from him face and make a scarey noise at passersby. They in turn would shreik in fear and surprise and the crowd would laugh and clap. The entertained would in turn give him money.

Well I just found a video of him on You Tube and wanted to share it with you. It was pretty funny and actually and pretty creative way to panhandle!


Anne said...
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Anne said...

Hey guys, welcome home. We miss you a lot!!

I've got a lot of past posts to read but I'll start here and work my way backward.

That video is funny...funny if it's not you trying to put money in a meter, at night, in the dark with a stranger in your personal space. Then it is creepy. Wish we could have been with you.

We love you~
A.R.K.B.& C.

P.S. I still have pretty toes!!