Friday, May 9, 2008

The Book

I recently finished reading The Book of Mormon. It's certainly not the first time I have read this book nor will it be the last, in fact I've already started reading it again. But it has been the time that has impressed me the most.

I have been teaching Book of Mormon at the Institute. Perhaps that has in part been why I have been so profoundly affected this time. My class was made up of returned missionaries and a new member. I felt totally overwhelmed and so I tried to study hard and prepare as well as I could. I was often guided to sources of information that helped me more than I could have ever done on my own. My students were willing to share and discuss and to help me and it was a great experience.

I am so profoundly greatful for this book! As an English major I've read many, many books and I continue to read as much as I can. I have many books that I love and reread all or parts of often. I've had the experience many, many times of feeling a sense of loss and sadness when a book comes to the end. I want some of them to go on forever. And many of the books I've read have become a part of me, I've learned important lessons that I refer to often. The Book of Mormon is the best of all of the books I have ever read and is at the top of my favorite books list.

As we were coming to the last chapters of Moroni I felt such a profound sense of sadness that this book was ending. Part of my feelings had to do with the very sad situation that existed for those people in the book but a larger part had to do with the fact that the wisdom and light that had become a daily part of my life was about to end. For that reason I decided to start reading again immediately. Although the book was written long, long ago it is so current in its messages for us today. And so often as I was reading I experienced both the sweet, peaceful feelings that come with knowing of its truthfulness and the strong and almost overwhelming feelings that come when the Spirit fairly shouts "This book is true!"

I am thankful beyond words that I have The Book of Mormon. I know that it is true, that it is indeed a second witness of Jesus Christ, and that it contains the fulness of His Gospel.

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Anne said...

Well put Mom. Such great wisdom in that book.