Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Yesterday as I was out running some errands this is the way the sky was looking, rather threatening I'd say. Within minutes of taking this photo the heavens opened up and began to dump rain. You may have heard that we have had a lot of rain lately. Quickly the streets began to flood, driving was slow, it was amazing.

You have to go through a little dip to get to dad's office, there is a usually dry ditch on either side of the dip. Well, it rained so much that the ditch and the road through the dip quickly filled with water, a lot of water! In fact it was only several feet from the door of the building. Dad called me about 5:30 to say he was stuck and couldn't leave the office, flooded in you might say.

A BMW had tried to get through and got thoroughly soaked. As he was talking to me he watched a truck and a Suburban try to get through and the water was hood level. So he sat, worked and waited and finally the water went down and at about 6:30 he was able to drive out and come home.
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