Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Success at Last

I finally did it!! After trying and trying to understand depth of field and many, many failed photos I got it!! Notice that the flower is in focus but the background is blurry. That is what I was trying to get. Once I understood of course I wondered what my problem was, it made so much sense.

Yipee, wahooo!!!
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mattbikes1 said...

Mom, I am very impressed! I am also very jealous and I can't wait until I can take a photography class. Good job.

Anne said...

So cool mom! I've been wanting to learn how to do that with pictures of the girls. You know, the girls in focus and it doesn't matter so much what's in the back ground because it's slightly less focused and pronounced.

That's great, can you teach me???

Anne said...

BTW Maudre, what kind of camera did you end up buying and how much was is?

Chris, I forgot what kind of camera you bought and my friend is checking into cameras. Will you remind me?

Kathy said...

Happy to teach about depth of field, the key word is intimate! That's what my teacher said to me and suddenly it sank in. Also you need to be able to adjust aperature.

I called Galen and he suggested an Olympus E-510. So far I'm really happy with it. And so far Marc has really been able to do some amazing things with it. I bought it at Best Buy and it came with an additional lense - around $800. I can already tell that I'm going to want to step up eventually, I was taking photos of a friend's baby today and the flash was okay but just okay. Galen said the Olympus is as good as the Canon or Nikon just doesn't have the same name value, you know it's more cool to carry around a Canon or Nikon.

Anne said...

Oh sweet! I'm cool I have a cannon! All this time I thought it had to do with looks, money and cool clothes!!! phew:) Well my camera is the cannon powershot sd750. I like it a lot for just bringing with me everywhere. Kinda wish I had a purse to put it in haha. I like it though and it does the job but I would really like a nice one someday. Go mom!!! Way to start the camera revolution!!

Anonymous said...

okay now it's me so just to clarify before I get roasted for stealing identities that last comment about a cannon camera was from me. Sorry for the confusion