Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday in Arkansas

Hi Y'all,

Marc and I have finished eating out sumptuous leftover feast. He is watching tv and I am blogging. We are going to a Fireside at 7:00 in the brand new Stake Center. It will be good, I heard the speaker yesterday at the Stake Relief Society Enrichment activity.

It's cold today. I know there's a huge difference between cold and COLD. And it's only cold but I'm feeling COLD. I think it has something to do with the humidity.

Dad is in Utah at the Glauser's. I'm jealous.

As you know Marc has been here since January. He's taking classes at NWACC, pronounced N Wack. I'm taking a photography class with him. That's been fun and challenging. Challenging mostly because of our camera. It's a Pentax 35mm that I found on ebay. At least I didn't pay toooooo much for it. We just finished taking 3 rolls of film that didn't wind in the camera and so we have 3 rolls of blank film. Pretty frustrating! I finally had two choices, either to smash the camera on the floor or take it to my favorite camera place, Collier Drug Store. They don't give bad cameras medication, there is a great guy there who works in their photo dept. and he is the most helpful person I have met. I chose the second option and the guy at Collier Drug helped me and now the camera winds the film. However the weather is stinky, a lot of rain and gray, misty days. Not great for taking photos, at least for me.

I had this huge fear that by now Marc would have grown very tired of sitting around the house, staring at dad and me. Well, that hasn't turned out to be the case. He is gone every single night either to Family Home Evening, the Institute or some Institute activity, playing basketball, playing soccer, bouldering, watching movies, hanging out. He has been really busy. I think he's having a great time but he can tell you more about that. We are loving having him here.

I bought a really good digital camera and Marc has been taking pictures like crazy while I'm still reading the book and trying to figure out how to work it. He's done some really creative things, I hope he'll share some of his photos with you.

Well, I've had this idea to start a blog for a long time but just haven't done it. Then I got a link to the Glauser blog and it was so inspiring that I went ahead and here we go. Please everyone get on board and start contributing. I believe if you go to the right top corner you'll see the words Sign In. Click on that and then you can post a blog of your own. You may have to register first though and you might have to have a gmail account. Let me know if this doesn't work. And Adrianne, if I'm totally wrong please correct me.

Love you All, Mom

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