Sunday, January 25, 2009

Resolution - Clean Fridge

I know that cleaning the fridge isn't exactly a New Year's Resolution but I'm going to count it as one anyway. It just makes me feel good to have accomplished two resolutions and it's only Jan. 22!!

Doesn't it look nice? Took me two hours! So after I finished I started thinking about the contents.

We have regular things, the ones that everyone has: milk, eggs, butter, cheese, lunch meat, orange juice, etc. Then there are the things that - well, just make me wonder if we're weird or what!

Following is a list of the items that I think might be more unusual. And on top of that they take up an inordinate amount of space. (It would be interested in snooping in some other fridges just for comparison sake!)

Salad Dressing - 6 (Notice there is nothing like Ranch or Italian although those will probably show up sooner or later.)

Raspberry & Walnut Vinaigrette
Honey Mustard
Cafe Rio Knock-Off Delicious Dressing
Blush Wine Vinaigrette
Poppy Seed
Sesame Ginger

Mustard - 5 (are you kidding?)

Plain old yellow mustard
Dijonaisse - does that count? to me it does!
Cranberry Mustard
Mustard with Horseradish

Barbeque Sauce - 3 (enough said)

Pickles or Pickled Items - 5 (I'm not a pickle fan so I don't even eat these with the exception of the sweet pickles and then I'm the only one who will eat those but I don't eat them often, maybe one or two on Thanksgiving so for all I know these sweet pickles could be years old) (Now that I think about it perhaps we should all rub vinegar into our skin for a preserved appearance!)

Sweet Midgets
Baby Kosher Dills
Hot Chile Peppers
Spicy Beans - South Lousiana Style

Hot Sauces - 4 (I don't like hot food, but we have these mostly because Craig loves hot food and he either invests in hot sauces when he visits or we buy them for him but he didn't take them back to Utah with him so now there we go!)

Tobasco - okay it's a standard but it's still going on the list
Spiracha Hot Chili Sauce

and drrrrrrruuuuuuummmmmm rrrrroooooolllllll pllllllleeeeeaaaaassssseeeee!!!!!

Crazy Jerry's Brain Damage Mind Blowing Hot Sauce

And now for the really weird thing, I'm still wondering about this one, it's not that it's so weird in and of itself it's just that we have so much of it and so many different kinds!!!

Bread - 9

Plain Old White - left over from Christmas because someone thought the boys would prefer it to other more healthy bread - wrongo bongo!! Score a big one for mom teaching the boys that whole wheat bread is the best!!
Spinach Pesto *
Sundried Tomato Herb *
Cranberry Pecan *
Cinnamon Apple *
Cocktail Sour Dough

*I buy these at a special bread bakery, it's absolutely fantastic and the price is also fantastic - as in high. These four kinds of bread represent about $20 - $25 give or take some small change. Well worth it in my book!!


2 ready made pizza crusts


Sundried tomato Basil Wraps - 1 pkg.
Garden Spinach Herb Wraps - 1 pkg.

So if any one should stop me on the street and say, "Got any bread man?" I could truthfully answer, "Oh yes, do I have bread!"
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christopher said...

I think it just shows that you like options. I like options too and I am starting to see who i get it from:) it's fun reading your blog mom. and i'd count it as a new years resolution too. Go MOM!

Kathy said...

Hey thanks Chris, you are my fan club, President, members, future members, you are it. All of it! And I love you for it!!