Friday, January 29, 2010

A New Start?

I've been gone for a long time, from bloggin that is. Needed time to think! Needed time to spend with my family, who I love more than anything ANYTHING, else in the entire world! Thanksgiving with Matt and Kelly and Craig. Christmas with Chris, Morgan, Sean, Marc, and Craig. A treacherous trip to Idaho to see my mom, and we had such a boring New Year's Eve that even she, at 90 years old, complained mightily! And a couple of trips to San Diego to spend wonderful time with the Glauser family - delightful. Plus a family reunion - minus Matt, sadly - in California. I loved every minute of it all. That is my idea of the perfect world - having those wonderful people around me every minute!!

And today I'm feeling so blessed!! I've just been reading a few of my favorite blogs and have been reminded of how very, very blessed my life is right now. Not perfect, in fact far from it. I'm always struggling with myself - I'm so unruly!! And feeling so deeply for my family, each with their own struggles. Mountains to climb, mountains to climb. And yet as I read about others and what they are dealing with I realize that I am so blessed. Just trying to live up to what I have and what is expected of me. Miles and miles and miles to go!! And piles and piles of gratitude!

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