Friday, August 28, 2009

Fashion Statement

Cowboy boots!! Grandma and Grandpa Moore gave two little boys cowboy boots for their birthdays. They loved them so much that they wore them nearly all the time. And then when feet just couldn't be squeezed into them any more they were handed down to an eager younger brother who had been eyeing them and occasionally trying them on for a long time!

Fashion is so simple for kids, just put on the clothes you like the best. You know, the comfy ones. That is how the most fasion forward outfits were created. Starting with shorts, usually blue or red, a t-shirt (doesn't need to match the shorts but it is best if it says something really cool on it or has a picture of a super hero), and the final touch - the boots. Just pull 'em on, oh wait mom is making me taken 'em off and put socks on - bother!!

I don't think they ever noticed the smiles that appeared on faces when we were out and about. (I really believe those smiles were in part smiles of remembrance, either connected with a favorite pair of boots or some equally wonderful fashion statement.) You've seen those fashion forward kids. They're happy, carefree, adventurous, full of fun, and greatly admired/mocked. (And they have moms who are either viewed as not caring about how their kids look or who just don't get it themselves or who are the coolest moms in the entire world, take your pick!)

I hadn't thought about that style for a long time until yesterday. I was driving home from the University of Arkansas. Here he comes. A grown up (I mean we're talking 50 at least, I mean he had gray hair!) with his unleashed dog (read my other blog for more info about that), walking slowly up the street. He was wearing a t-shirt, complete with a picture and words, denim shorts, and ----- that's right, COWBOY BOOTS!! They were nearly knee high, the tops were bright yellow and red and the foot part was brown - I'm guessing ostrich leather. Oh they were fine lookin' boots and I'm sure they cost a pretty penny!!

And I am happy to see and to say that FASHION LIVES ON!!

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