Thursday, July 23, 2009

the 4th of July

Canoing on the St. Croix!! Can there be a better way to spend a summer day??

Beautiful, sunny, warm, fun, easy, friends, family, good food! The best day of the year!!

Sean, why did you bring your dog? Remember when Padrick decided he wanted to go in our canoe not in your kayak? Remember when he put his two front feet right through the top of the styrofoam cooler - I'm glad it was yours!!

Dad, remember when you decided you wanted to take Sean's kayak? Remember how much work it was?

Dave Sandburg, you are a most patriotic man. Not many would paint a flag on your toe!!

What a handsome group! Remember the lady who graciously said she'd snap the photo and then each time she thought she was done we handed yet another camera to take yet another group shot?

Remember the intensity of the green?

Remember the clouds that were so black and looked so threatening and then blew over? Remember that it poured in Minneapolis and we didn't get a drop of rain? Remember the people who didn't come because they thought it might rain and then their activities were cancelled because of rain?
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